Mojo Maps is new kind of guided adventure that transforms how we see the city and ourselves. 
We take you on a journey to experience the impossible dreams that created this city and then turn to you to create your own.


the creativity and courage that forged each neighborhood. From exploring hidden tunnels to designing shirts, from spray painting to body building contests. What happens when we let go of what others think of us and give ourselves permission to play, to try something new? What comes alive inside of us?




the people, the views and the hangouts that tell the story of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Who came up with the idea of Venice of America? Why is the Arts District the perfect canvas? What did local innovators and creative thinkers have to overcome to defy the odds and shape these neighborhoods?



Our stories celebrate the creative process and the freedom that comes with it - we created Mojo Maps to remember the moments when we discover how imaginative and powerful we are when we stop questioning ourselves and reconnect to the person we already know to be.

We are a team consisting of a former Walt Disney Imagineer and iOWest Improvisors who believe we have something amazing (and funny) inside each of us!